Hey Guys!!

So the past month or so has been hectic! Along with playing a few small acoustic shows in Canada, I’ve been working on my new album

and getting over a lovely bout of walking pneumonia (it’s not asthma, yay!)


This is my September... in a nutshell!

My last giant road trip essentially began with a girl’s weekend in Vancouver. My sister and I go to a concert together once a year, this year we saw Taylor Swift! We had an amazing girl’s weekend that included a trip to a spa, shopping, drinking tea and hanging out by the ocean. We also made a stop at the Vancouver Art gallery to support a great cause- National Suicide Prevention Day.

On Sunday I caught the red eye to Toronto and got into Hamilton around 9 am. I got a few hours sleep before I had to get ready for the CCMA’s on Monday night! It was a really relaxed event that I thoroughly enjoyed - can’t wait until next year! My favorite CCMA performances included Luke Bryan, Ronnie Dunn (the only standing ovation of the night), Gord Bamford & Dean Brody.

On Tuesday Morning I said goodbye to Hamilton and Hello to Tennessee! The first few days in Nashville consisted of napping, writing (with some darling folks), more napping, getting lost repeatedly (this was my first time driving in Nashville) driving halfway to Memphis twice (eye roll) and catching up with my friends!

On the 3rd day or so I got really lost and ended up at at giant fishing store…. I went inside & bought Garmin- my new best friend, aka GPS.  I figured it would be more cost effective to buy him rather than continually wasting fuel, haha.  I was a little scared to drive in Nashville, but I actually found it very therapeutic. Barefoot Blue jean Night played at least once an hour on the radio, so it became my theme song for the trip! Thank You Jake Owen.

Saturday Night I went to Birthday Celebration/Writers Night featuring some of the most promising talent in Nashville. My friend Erisa Rei performed an absolutely stunning set! She is definitely one of the most talented vocalists I have had the pleasure of watching, ever! For more info on Erisa & her music visit http://www.erisareimusic.com

It felt so good to get back into the studio on Sunday! We had a lot of laughs, a lot of visitors & finished pre-production on on a couple of songs!  Trey invited a surprise guest down to the studio for me, which was awesome! The best part? They played on my record!

Monday was the Trey Gray Tee off for a Cure Golf Tournament, with the proceeds going towards Huntington Disease Research! Mikey & I spent a good chunk of the day together.  We bought some amazing strawberry lemonade herbal tea (yummy) and watched the Time Jumpers at the Station Inn. The Time Jumpers is a 10 piece bluegrass band that includes musicians Vince Gill, Mandy Barnett- they are fantastic, I am hooked for life.

The rest of the week went by so quickly. The musicians came in and played on a few of the songs and I did a couple of scratch vocal tracks. I spent a lot of time exploring Nashville, checking out great live shows and eating a lot of Mexican food! I also spent a little time chauffeuring Trey & Mikey around (literally, they both refused to sit in the front seat of my new car). This resulted in several strange looks (especially when there was just 1 person in the back seat) but it was really, really funny!

We finished early at the studio one night so I went with some friends to see Alan Jackson, Eric Church and Eric Paslay play a free concert down on Demonbreun Street for a crowd of 10,000 +. I must say that the American crowds are a little more well behaved then us Canadian Folk! When I saw Keith Urban in Vancouver last week the entire crowd and I mean entire crowd stood for the whole show.  I respect him so much; his shows are simple, genuine and packed with good, raw music. He never disappoints and only gets better every time I see him.

I'll upload concert pictures for you guys in the next couple of days! In the meantime make sure you check out my twit pics of the CCMA's, Recording my new record & my adventures in Nashville!

So… along with a few upcoming shows I am focusing on getting rid of the last of my pneumonia and finishing the new album.  When I say finishing the new album it sounds so simple, but really it’s a lot of work SO keep checking facebook and twitter for daily updates/surprises/specific details as to what’s happening in my world!

The New Album will be released in Spring 2012, but you can count on hearing some snippets before then! Thanks to my fans for your continued support, encouragement and dedication- I appreciate you all more than you know, please keep the fan mail coming! To my incredible team- I love you all so very much and am so blessed and honored to work with such a wonderful bunch of people. Trey, Mikey, Neil, Nancy, Susan and Steve, Musicians & Co-Writers- Thank You for surrounding me with one of the most beautiful things in life, music.



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