I can hardly contain myself! I find myself sitting here literally unable to write because well... this post is going to be my first post written specifically for my new website! YAY! It’s hard to believe how fast everything has happened... especially considering I had music on the back burner for SO long.

Like I’ve said before... everything happens for a reason and for some reason unknown to me, I am lucky enough to be tangled up in a beautiful musical mess at the moment!

I went to Nashville in January with essentially no expectations. I was just really looking forward to making some great music and seeing Nashville again! AHH!!! So much has happened in the last month I can hardly wrap my head around it! Looking back I wonder how I’ve managed to sleep...then again maybe I haven’t!?!?

My publishing company is now up and running, I’m working on this funky song catalogue and my musical ideas seem to be thankfully endless at this point! Pffffff.... Oh, and I officially have a manager, Jenna from eh? management! Without her I would undoubtedly be stranded on a tropical island with a toucan attached to my shoulder, an eye patch over one eye... and yes I would be battling pirates! Once again, and for the hundredth time, Thank You! Also, a BIG THANKS to everyone at Littleton (T.G, M.K & N.K) AKA- Team Acorn, my Gramma & T. for your unconditional support and encouragement! Without you the pirates would win! xo.

I’ve had a couple photo shoots, my cd cover is designed and I am now booking summer gigs! YAHOO! I am so excited to focus on the next batch of tunes that I’ll be recording in March! I love them and am getting SO anxious to share them with the world!

I’m caught up in a whirlwind of excitement, my future is looking bright with what seems like endless opportunities. I can’t wait to embrace it all and “play that funky music white boy” Ha! I just can’t wait!!!

I’m so glad you stopped by!
Keep checking back for regular updates!

Until next time muahahaha,


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