Hey :)

So I'm writing to tell you about my latest working vacation! I spent a couple of weeks alone in Nashville, my days consisted of writing in a darling little apartment, visiting friends and enjoying the vibrant music scene.

I've had pneumonia for the past 6 weeks (before my trip, during my trip & currently) but I didn't let it stop me from enjoying myself (or sleeping a lot)!

I went to TN because I needed to regroup, relax and remember all the reasons why I want to do this. I needed to be influenced by myself, no-one else. I needed to be inspired again. This trip represented new beginnings, a new me.

Below are some highlights from my vacation:

I saw Allen Shamblin sing his original, award winning songs "I can't Make You Love Me" & "The House that Built me" amongst other of his hit songs, in a writers round in a room of about 100 people. I was so moved by his intimate performances, I cried in both of them. Seeing Allen accept the ACM award for song of the year in Vegas for "The House That Built Me" was truly inspiring. I learned so many things from Allen. He is a rare soul, one I am happy to have met.

Chris Stapleton is one of my favorite songwriters, not to mention an incredible vocalist. Every time I go to Nashville I try and catch one of his shows. I finally caught one and I must say it was well worth the wait. He's written hits for Darius Rucker, Steel Magnolia, Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney to name a few. My favorite CS song is called "The Broken Side of Love". Check it out at www.myspace.com/chrisstapletonmusic

I enjoyed seeing Rose Falcon perform a song she wrote with her Dad called "Give into Me". You probably heard it on the Country Strong Soundtrack, saw it in the movie or you may have also heard Faith Hill's version on the radio.

Ah. Loved this.... I got to hear a new Lady Antebellum Song written by Capitol Nashville recording artist Eric Paslay, Rose Falcon & Company. I can hear Charles, Hillary & Dave  singing it already!

Tim Buppert is an incredible multitalented musician and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This was the second time I've seen Tim perform, his set at the BTT was one of my favorites!

I loved writing with the crazy talented hit songwriter Sarah Majors and Mr D. Harp (as I like to call him). I dream of the shopping date Sarah and I have planned for August, it's going to be intense! I'm so blessed to have written with these amazing folks- we came up with some stuff that I'm dying to share with you guys...  so I'm going to debut some new material at my next show in Prince George, BC!

Other Highlights...

*Writing regularly by the Cumberland River (relaxing)

*Walking several miles each day (bonjour blisters)

* Hanging out with my friends/dancing at the Tin Roof

*Attending writers nights (good ones)

*Grocery shopping at Kroger... Yes, it sounds weird but the US has the most interesting grocery options

*Visiting an organic spa. It was my first time. I highly recommend it

*Sharing a Mexican Feast with my Producers and Company :)

*Visiting vintage stores, eating local food (all kinds)

*Seeing various other hit song writers... too many to name

Once my two weeks in Paradise was up I headed to Las Vegas (after about 1.5 hours of sleep) to the ACM Awards. I was busy analyzing everything, watching intently and literally just taking it all in. Shout-out to my Producers: Trey for his brilliant performance and Mikey for having one heck of a debut at the ACM's.

Mikey and I had both never been to Vegas before so we explored the city tourist style. We spent one evening walking the strip drinking Starbucks to stay awake. Yes, we are that cool.

Now I'm back in Canada getting ready for some shows. I have some of the biggest performances of my career booked... now I just have to wait for the information to be officially released so that I can fill you in! I've known about this particular show for weeks and I'm itching to tell you guys....All I will say is JB!

So many things became clear to me in Nashville... I'm feeling better than ever (minus the pneumonia), I'm more inspired than ever and I am absolutely ready to do this.

I can't wait to share some new music with you guys. If your reading this... thanks for reading this! Hope to see you on the road this summer!

♥ Always,


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